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QUEEN Short Sleeve
Venues Martinez
Felt like a superhero

I bought this shirt during the Black Friday sale, definitely comfortable and breathable and also I love the cut and coverage it gives me as well. I also got my boyfriend one. Definitely need more shirts now.


I love the Todd V2 hoodie because it’s bold yet simple. It fits very well (more relaxed than slim and tight) and the design is fantastic! 10/10 in my book! Review video is up on my channel, ProteinMorde!

Parker S3 SuperSuit

The Parker S3 SuperSuit is Truly Spectacular and Amazing!!

POWER RANGERS™️ - Green Ranger Pullover
Walter Jones AKA The Black Ranger

Hey everyone! It's Walter Jones, the ORIGINAL Black Power Ranger! This is definitely the best tracksuit I've ever tried it on and the best part? It's Power Rangers! Extremely high quality, I was very surprised and thrilled! Can't for yall to get yours!


It's Steve from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! I am excited to show you the Power Rangers tracksuit! It's extremely high quality and will surpass your expectations, I wore it for workouts and lounging around. Extremely comfortable. Make sure to get the RED RANGER! haha

MORALES Pullover
Datreon Thomas

Love how soft it feels and how much mobility it has. It doesn't feel restricting.


It’s a lighter material than I was expecting. Breathable and strong. It felt amazing and loved getting a workout in it!

Michael C
MORALES supersuit

THE PICTURES DONT DO IT JUSTICE!! This suit is SOOO CRISP AND CLEAN!! I’m literally buying another set so I can have a spare because good lord they hit the nail on the head, the quality and craftsmanship DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!

ROGERS Joggers
Ally lopez
I will love it more with the Rogers hoodie

I love the pockets!!! So many!!!! So easy to move in!!! Makes me feel that I have the American ass lol 😂 I would love it even more with the hoodie. Please restock the hoodie as the pants were a gift and I’d like to have the complete set!!!

Jordan M.
Great design and quality!

Wanted to give a shout out to your fight shorts. They have easily become my favorite for training. Quality and design is what you would expect from top name brands.

STARK Bundle
Charlz Stevens
Every single one is absolute fire!

Time and time again I’m blown away by the quality fit and feel of every piece. If you see something that grabs you, grab it! They go quick

WAYNE Performance Longsleeve
Aidan Streeter
Third SUPERX product, does not dissapoint.

I originally purchased the Wayne V1 set from SUPERX back when they first launched their clothing line and I was super pleased with it. Then is saw the McGinnis and had to get it. When I was getting thr McGinnis I noticed the much more subtle yet awesome Wayne Performance Longsleeve. I couldn't get it in the size I wanted so I waited. Almost a year later and I pre-ordered the rerun of the Wayne longsleeve. When I got it I was blown away by the improvements SUPERX has made over the years. Their clothing is top notch and I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants cool superhero themed fitness gear. Thank you SUPERX!

ROGERS Joggers
Cesar Ortiz
The best hoodie

This is sick!!! 💪💪💪

ORIGIN Hoodie | Olympic Blue
Geran Voss
Awesome hoodie, Awesome set.

I got the Hoodie, Joggers, Tshirt and tank in this color. They feel and look really good! Love the stuff from this store.

PARKER S3 Hoodie
Curtis Flowers
My favorite

I’ve purchased several suits from SUPERX, but this is definitely my favorite. As always high quality craftsmanship and design. Also extremely functional in training.

Awesome design!!

I love this design! This was my first time wearing a performance long sleeve and it was great!! The design is awesome, it feels fantastic, and it moves with me very well. YouTube video placeholder

Comfortable AF the crimson tank is for sure my second favorite shirt that I bought from here and the Arkham black tank top is by far my favorite shirt 10/10 would recommend

Shawn Boothe
Panther suit

I'm 6' 185# wearing an extra small jacket with small pants. Love the fit and feel of the material. I believe I have 7 suits with 2 more on order. Highly recommended


I’m 5’8 140lbs and I got a size medium. It fits perfectly it’s very stretchy and the detail is amazing. My only issue would be the pocket size it’s too small but the jacket looks so good you forget about it. I will definitely be getting more and I’m really excited for the morales. Keep it up SUPERX!!!

STARK Hoodie
Koby Sanders
Stark hoodie

Solid 10/10! Fabric is amazing like all super suits they make, it’s flexible where it matters, breathable, and perfect for workouts. The added padding for the SuperX logo on the hood is a nice detail that(to me) is new and adds to the aesthetic of the hoodie itself. The zippers on the bottom left and right of the hoodie are a nice touch. If you’re doing a more flexible workout you can unzip them for more mobility without possibly damaging them in the process. Another amazing job by SuperX and the crew

STARK Hoodie

To sum it up, ‘BEAUTIFUL’ would be the term. Everything from the material to the stitching to the design scheme is on point. I haven’t even worn it yet in public and have already had a ton of social media praise. As probably the world’s biggest Iron Man fan, this IS the suit to have.


This is my first short sleeve from SuperX and I love it! The sleeves are tight fitting which I like and the length is great. Already excited for the next one coming in! YouTube video placeholder
Denzel Benton
Drake SuperSuit!

I absolutely love my Drake SuperSuit! Definitely worth the wait!!

RICHARDS Premium Longsleeve
Feel like a hero

The shirt is great . Due to its material won’t shrink the pants are amazing by themselves as well. Best stand alone pants they have

Josh Pamment-Barry
Rebirth Joggers

For reference: I am 6ft tall wearing a medium size

The Rebirth Joggers are my new favourite joggers of the four that I own. I’ve always appreciated the more low key look and while the origin supersuit was able to provide exactly what I was looking for with that, Rebirth was able to add a bit more practicality to the fit as well as an upgraded version of a “basics” look.

The stitching patterns look awesome as well as compliment the shape of my leg muscles. The reflective strips on the shin areas, while simple, are a cool feature and one of the first noticeable things separating the Rebirth joggers from the Origin. And the little sleeve on the back to hang a gym towel is genius, I don’t really like having to leave my gym towel on the floor while I workout so having somewhere close, convenient and off the ground was a great feature.

It took me a long time to receive these Joggers, which to be clear I am aware of the situation regarding the postal service issues Austin emailed me about (very appreciated), however this does not deter me from giving five stars for this product as it was everything I hoped for when I received it.

Keep up the great work SuperX